Pinch Pot Creatures

Time to get messy! We used self drying clay which was surprisingly successful! I showed them the work or Joan MirĂ³ and Romero Britto to show how painters have turned their work into sculpture. It was the last project of the year with 7th grade and I wanted them to just have fun with it!

After the introduction of the artists I let them experiment with the clay for the rest of the period. I gave them prompts such as: create something nature inspired, create something man made inspired, and crest something MirĂ³ or Britto inspired. Be prepared for the falic jokes which is inevitable. 

Day 2 I showed them how to make a pinch pot and how to coil using slip and score. Then I showed them how to add eyes, noses, feet etc! 

They had a lot of fun with their creatures and later painted them with acrylic paint! 

Encourage using newsprint under their clay for quicker clean up!