Camp Ipad Photography: Paper Sculpture

It was way to hot to go outside some days, or rainy, and I saved this project for those days. It takes one class to build the sculpture, and another to photograph them. I like to wait until they have at least some composition lessons in before they shoot their sculpture so they have an appreciation for the lines, shadows, shapes, framing, rule of thirds, etc.

You need some kind of base for the kids to build their sculptures on. In the past I have used a nice book binding cardboard, but this summer a thicker piece of card stock worked perfectly. I precut a bunch of paper into strips and show some simple folding, curling, and quilling techniques.


I also changed it up by using colored paper, where in the past we used only white and we only photographed in black and white. Not only was it fun to photograph all the colors, but we used the Photobooth App on the iPad and played with the filters to get some surreal and abstract images of the sculptures.


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