Camp Ipad Photography: Chalk

Is there anything that represents the innocence and glory of childhood like sidewalk chalk? Watching the kids draw on the ground, and building, with chalk brought tears to my eyes. It was adorable. Then, they photographed the chalk and we got some very interesting shots. Especially since they already learned worm’s eye view, and got that yummy shallow depth of field.

With the older kids I showed several examples of how chalk can create a fun illusion that they can interact with. I made it very friendly, for all ages and abilities. They could draw something intricate or simply use color and shapes and photograph the chalk in compositionally interesting ways.

Photo Jul 25, 11 42 10 AM


Camp Ipad Photography: Framing

Framing is super important to teach. There are a million doorways, windows and holes in the world to see through from. I like to also call framing “Through the Fence,” as there are a ton of fences in any given school. This is also a great time to talk about timing. If you have a perfect frame set up, you may want to wait for the opportune moment until someone or something passes by as well. My camp kids waited for someone to run by in their frame, or hole, or a ball to pass by.